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The possibilities are endless

We carry an extensive selection of natural granite, marble and other exotic stones. Visit our showroom to explore all the various colors and textures.

Natural Stone

DuPont Zodiaq® Quartz Surfaces

We keep the following colors of DuPont Zodiaq® Quartz in stock.

We purchase these slabs in bulk so we can pass on the savings to you.

Coarse Carrara

Dove Grey

Mocha Latte

Zodiaq® Coarse Carrara features frosted grays which transcend into bright white color with beautiful scattered veining.

Zodiaq® Dove Grey is modern and urban, the cool grey is made more accessible with a softened pattern that suggests an early morning fog.

Zodiaq® Mocha Latte is frothy and delectable, this color is sparked with glistening touches and made dramatic with swirls of cocoa and black.

Mystic Black

London Sky


Zodiaq® Mystic Black is a monochromatic solid black with depth created by small translucent particles with a reflective shimmer.

Zodiaq® London Sky features swirling patterns and a delicate influence of grey.  Its slightly modern edge belies a classic past that makes it excellent for transitional design.

Zodiaq® Toffee is sugared, crisp and warm. The caramel flecks in a pale ground make for a mouth-watering combination that is familiar and exotic.

Storm Grey

Stratus White

Zodiaq® Storm Grey is a deep slate, textured with lighter and darker particles.

Zodiaq® Stratus White is ethereal and frothy, the white ground comes with quiet touches of gray and pale beige that give it richness without losing its feather-like quality of lightness.

Any Many, Many More...

In addition to the DuPont Zodiaq® colors in our inventory, we can order hundreds of other colors from several manufacturers. Feel free to peruse the countless options from our partners below.

Cambria® for Commercial Applications

Stonehouse Kitchens & Granite is now an authorized Cambria fabricator and installer for commercial applications throughout the state of Iowa. We are excited about this new partnership.